New - Tool for measuring the digital maturity at construction sector companies
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New - Tool for measuring the digital maturity at construction sector companiesClick for more

DIG - IN - KPI AAT tool is avaliable for the companies from 15 March 2024 with free of charge registration at the platform. 

Information for the Users: 

Use monitor with size of at least 20 iches and web-site reduced at 90% (Ctrl+minus) for better user experience. 
It is mandatory to register in order to access the Survey. After  registration is made, the administrator will give access of the Survey - it might take some time. When you are answering questions which relate to next period, please take in consideration a period of following 3 years.

The DIG-IN-KPI AAT tool  hosted on the domain developed with the help of EU funds,  is accessible and available for your use from March 2024 onwards. The digital tool for self-assessment DIG-IN-KPI AAT is intended to automate the process of making assessments  of the level of digital maturity of construction companies,  but of course it is also  an excellent compass for educational institutions and a promoter of the way of working .

The advanced decision model will automatically convert the answers, which users/company representatives can easily enter through an online questionnaire, into a report with an assessment of the level of digital maturity of the company. The report will contain a visualization and a thorough explanation of the results as well as personalized recommendations , with the help of which companies can obtain key information in the direction of identifying the objective state of digitization and identifying areas for advancement and optimization of business/production processes.
In the development of this multilingual and freely accessible tool, that was initiated under auspices of the Project: “Digital transformation is making its way to businesses – development of key performance indicators to increase sector productivity – DIG-IN-KPI” implemented by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS), Chamber of Commerce of Croatia (HGK) and Economic Chamber of North Macedonia (ECNM), in cooperation with the company AXIS Doo from Slovenia, and the working group of the employers' umbrella organization FIEC, Construction 4.0.  The technical basis of the tool is the award-winning automated assessment tool (AAT) of Arctur doo company from Slovenia.

The tool is designed to make it easier for construction companies to move into the digital age.
In this context, the cooperation of teachers of professional subjects in secondary and higher construction schools is therefore of vital importance . By actively engaging educational institutions in the digitization process, they not only encourage the development of digital skills among future construction professionals, but also ensure that their students (high school and college students) are directly exposed to the latest technologies and tools to support construction processes that will shape the future of the construction industry. Educators can play a key role in introducing AAT's DIG-IN-KPI tool into the educational process, enabling students to become familiar with the digital tools they will use in their future career path. Also, by combining theoretical knowledge with practical tools such as DIG-IN-KPI AAT, educational institutions can ensure that their students are well prepared for the challenges brought about by the digitization of construction. This not only increases the employability of pupils and students, but also strengthens the links between education and industry, which is key to the innovative development of the construction sector. Furthermore, by promoting the use of digital tools in the educational process, new opportunities for research and development in the construction industry are opening up. Teachers, pupils and students can explore the potential of digitization together and contribute to the development of new practices that will make construction more efficient, sustainable and adaptable to future challenges. The Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry therefore invites teachers of professional subjects to fill out a questionnaire to measure the level of digital maturity and join our efforts to digitize the construction industry. 

Instructions for assessing the level of digitization (thematic part)
In the application, you will answer general questions about your company and learn about 39 digitization indicators.

  1. Please first read what the indicator illustrates on the following pages. A more detailed description of the indicator can be seen by clicking on the button  . This is important because the description of the indicator is visible there, so it is essential that you always, for every indicator, turn on  the button .
  2. Then read what the descriptions of the individual levels of digitization represent and choose the one that matches your company. Choose the level that you are reaching in full. Do not choose a level that you do not fully achieve, but only partially. Choose the rate for the current year and the rate you will achieve in three years.
  3. For each indicator, it is necessary to enter which tool you are currently using for the tasks described in the indicator. This entry is optional but required.  After you  have selected your digitization levels for all indicators, you will receive a report to your e-mail address with recommendations on  how you can improve the digitization of your company and which tools represent a higher level of digitization.

Remember that the purpose is not to compete with other companies, but to find out where there are still opportunities to improve the digitization of project and business processes for your company, so choose a real level of digitization, because only in this way will you achieve an improvement in your project and business processes processes. 

ATTENTION:  Fill in all the questions, otherwise the report will not be generated!  Enter the answers to all the questions ie. radio button answers with past year and future choices for each question, including text input questions (IT tool, database, etc.) found at the bottom of each individual question. 

The more companies that fill out the questionnaire, the more representative data on the level of digitization of construction contractors the GZS ZGIGM will obtain. These data will be statistically processed and displayed in a report that will be published on the project website. The report will show the average levels of digitization by area and individual indicators, depending on the country and the size of the company. You will also get an overview of the most used ICT tools and be able to compare the tools you are using now with those that represent higher levels of digitization.

The presentation of the new innovative tool for self-assessment of the level of digital maturity of construction companies DIG-IN-KPI-AAT took place at the Megra construction fair in Gornja Radgona on April 18, 2024. At the event, we demonstrated the operation of the DIG-IN-KPI AAT digital tool for the purposes of its use by construction companies from Slovenia, the Balkans and the EU. We were accompanied by international experts, including representatives from advanced Ireland, where BIM is mandatory after 1/1/2024. They will share practical experiences of implementing digitization in construction companies, focusing on best practices and strategic decisions. Construction companies which followed the presentation at MEGRA got direct information about how experts in practice approached the introduction of digital transformation, including the selection, purchase and optimal use of digital tools to support processes in construction companies. 

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Mihajlo Donev MSc
Project manager at the organizational unit for development, innovation, and knowledge