STATEMENT of Stefan Peter, President of Foreign Investors Council
➢ From the companies (29.04.2020)
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STATEMENT of Stefan Peter, President of Foreign Investors Council

The outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 all over the world has disturbed the political, social, economic, religious and financial structures of the whole world.

Many experts on economic and financial matters have warned about the worsening condition of global economic and financial structure. It is been said that the pandemic is harming the global economy because the world has been experiencing the most difficult economic situation since World War-II.
The economic recovery from this fatal disease is possible by 2021 because it has left severe impacts and we will have difficulties to bring it back in a stable condition.

When it comes to the human cost of the Coronavirus pandemic it is immeasurable therefore all countries need to work together with cooperation and coordination to protect the human beings as well as limit the economic damages.

No one can know for sure say when will we recover. A lot depends on how we move from stay-at-home to go-back-to-work. It seems unlikely that we’ll move instantly back to business as usual. We’ll probably be avoiding large crowds for a while and use self-protection materials. However, we are already witnessing a gradual easing of living. Hence the optimism that life will return to a "new normal life" soon.

Of course, all this will not come by itself. It will take work. Very hard work!