Current issues on the agenda for the FIC Management Board session
➢ News (14.12.2023, во 13:35:00)
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Current issues on the agenda for the FIC Management Board sessionClick for more

The Management Board of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) at the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia held a regular session, discussing several agenda items related to current topics and the economic situation in the country.

Viktor Mizo, President of the Foreign Investors Council, shared the initial results of the latest Foreign Direct Investment Survey for 2023 - Business and Investment Indicator 2023 with the present members of the Management Board. He provided a special focus on the current conditions, achieved results, and expectations for the coming year. 

The survey results will serve as the basis for proposing measures and recommendations to improve the business and investment climate in the country. They will also be shared and discussed in a public presentation with companies, media, and interested institutions to inform the broader public.

Moreover, the key points from the survey reflecting the opinions of foreign investors in the country will be discussed in meetings with political parties ahead of the upcoming elections scheduled for the next year.

In the subsequent part of the session, Zoran Jovanovski, Vice President of the Chamber, informed the attendees that over the next five years, the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia will be part of the program Citizens Against Corruption led by the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation. Partners in the program include the Center for Civil Communications (CCC), IDSCS, 360 Degrees, Investigative Reporting Laboratory Macedonia (IRL), and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, Macedonia (BIRN).

The general goal of the program is to increase the involvement and collaboration of citizens, civil society, media, and the private sector in the fight against corruption, leading to improved responses from state institutions and effectiveness in addressing corruption in all sectors at the national and local levels.
According to Jovanovski, the overall program approach is based on a broad action to raise awareness that unites civil society, media, and the private sector.

As before, and in the future, a priority for the new leadership will be for FIC to actively participate in the processes of creating a better business environment and improving the conditions for doing business in the country. This will be achieved by proposing measures and recommendations to create the best possible solutions that will bring sustainable and accelerated economic development and enhance the attractiveness of the country for retaining existing and attracting new investors.

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