Only five percent of Macedonian companies are exporting – changing this condition is the first task of the National Export Council
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Only five percent of Macedonian companies are exporting – changing this condition is the first task of the National Export CouncilClick for more

CEOs of the largest exporting companies in the country and members of the National Export Council (NEC) led by the President Branko Azeski held a work meeting today at the Johnson Matthey company. 

During the one-hour meeting, the parties spoke about the importance of exports and the problems facing export-oriented companies, as well as about the goals of the National Export Council, a newly established body composed of representatives of government institutions and representatives of the private sector. Following the meeting, the parties were given a tour of the factory. 

As NEC President, Branko Azeski presented Borijan Borozanov, Manufacturing Director at Johnson Matthey, with a letter of acknowledgment for the largest exporting company in the Macedonian economy. He said to journalists that only five percent of the Macedonian companies are exporting, which is a devastating figure, and that changing this condition would be the first and primary task of the National Export Council.
“We will change the mode of operation. Enough with conclusions, we will move forward with specific proposals that should ensure a national consensus on exports. We will insist on new proposals. Only those prepared to help will have the right to put proposals forward, not those that solely criticize. Exports are destined to be the Alpha and the Omega to the survival of Macedonia, and we must set priorities that support it. The second issue is that very few companies in our country are engaged in the supply chains of foreign investors, and we should heighten the intensity in that regard,” said Azeski
Johnson Matthey’s Manufacturing Director Borozanov pointed out that NEC will have a key role, helping to improve coordination, share best practices, and ensure overall growth of the national economy.

“Only through dialogue and quick action can we achieve higher export levels, greater value added, and better standard of living. Last year, we reached an important milestone of 120 million units manufactured. Our 1000 team members are quite proud of the fact that one in three vehicles in Europe contains parts made by our hands. One of three vehicles in Europe carries the sign Made in Macedonia. Our modern products reduce pollution and make the air cleaner and healthier,” said Borozanov.
Johnson Matthey has been present in Macedonia for over 14 years across several investment cycles that have amounted to nearly €200 million in state-of-the-art emission control technologies. The company serves over 40 clients, including the major OEM and automotive brands. The factory in Macedonia is one of the most advanced in the group, representing a bridge that connects Macedonia to more than 30 global export markets.

The National Export Council is a national advisory body for policymaking and implementation aiming to promote exports, strengthen the exporting potential of the domestic economy, stimulate the competitiveness of export-oriented companies, and conquer new markets. Chaired by the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, NEC was established under the Private Sector Regional Integration Support Activity, implemented by the Chamber in partnership with USAID.

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