DIG-IN-KPI 15.12.2023
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Name of the Project: Digital transformation is making its way to businesses – development of key performance indicators to increase sector productivity – DIG-IN-KPI

Duration of the Project: 01.11.2022 until 01.03.2024 

- Economic Chamber of North Macedonia
- Croatian Chamber of Economy
- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia 

The project aims to determine common indicators for the scope and level of digitization of construction companies, building the capacities of construction associations at the chamber partners in the project and encouraging the digital transformation in construction in accordance with the technological trends of Construction 4.0.

Within the framework of the Project, it is planned to create a free online tool for displaying the degree of digitization of the construction companies in the three countries, according to the principle of self-assessment. The project is supported by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus+ program and is expected to deliver findings and a proposal set of indicators for digitization, which would serve construction companies, educational institutions, but also competent institutions in the process of issuing building permits. .

The results that will be delivered within the framework of the Project are expected to contribute to increasing the productivity of the construction sector and raising the average added value per employee in domestic construction companies to the level of the European Union average.

Activities defined in the DIG-IN-KPI Project are aimed at:

- Determination of criteria for assessing the degree of digitization of construction;
- Realization of interviews with companies and other stakeholders (vocational schools, competent institutions) in the context of meeting the established criteria for assessing the degree of digitization;
- Achieving cooperation with secondary vocational schools and competent institutions with the aim of consistent implementation of project activities and understanding the capacity and readiness of schools and institutions for digitization of construction;
- Identification of key indicators for the degree of digital performance of construction companies with a special focus on companies in the field of construction project performance;
- Identification of key indicators for the degree of digitization of construction companies through observation the use of modern digital tools such as building information modeling (BIM) in daily work and the readiness for their application in the future;
- Dissemination of the achieved results and benefits of the project at the national and regional level through the international organizations/associations where the chamber partners in the project are members.
- Developing a web application for measuring the degree of digitization of construction companies.    

Implemented activities under Dig-in-KPI project

1.1    Activity: IPM meeting, 14-15.11.2022, Skopje, N.Macedonia (Press MK, Press EN)  
1.2.    Activity: Key indicators for the Construction sector (Comparison condistions of sector F) in Slovenia, Croatia and North Macedonia
(Analysis MK, Analysis EN) 
1.3.    Activity: Creating and KPI table for construction contractors (consortium of partners and external expert) 
1.4.    Activity: Coordination of the KPI table for construction contractors with targeted groups (interviews with construction companies and producers of construction materials) (Press MK, Press EN
1.5.    Activity: overview results, evaluation , and preparation reports on work and results in the subject phase project
1.6.    Activity: production of KPI tables for educational institutions (secondary professional schools - secondary educational institutions) 

R1: KPI table for construction contractors EN
R2: KPI table for educational institutions , (Press MK, Press EN
R3 : Work report – 1st Phase  of the project 

2.1.    Activity: IPM meeting, 22-23.5.2023, Zagreb, Croatiа (Press MK, Press EN)
2.2.    Аctivity: production project tasks for IT tool DIG-IN-KPI 
2.3.    Аctivity: production online tools on basis project assignments , translation tools
2.4.    Аctivities cooperation with targets groups of 3 countries and beyond after region
2.5.    Аctivity: invitation to complete for construction companies respectively completion tools with data from the site of companies 
2.6.    Аctivity : 2 x control interview / country regarding self-assessment table and received answers (testing alpha versions on sample) 
2.7.    Аctivity : analysis with results and interpretation results inside countries ( done external contractor)
2.8.    Аctivity : review results , evaluation and preparation reports on work and results in the subject phase of the project (together with the external contractors Nov 2023) 

R4: Online application ( more language : EN, HR, SI, MK) 
R5: Evaluation and comment results obtained in online application

3.1     Аctivity: IPM meeting + closing dissemination event for representatives targeted groups for promotion of use project results, Gorna Radgona, Slovenia 
3.2     Аctivity: promotion and use of results among the targets in groups 
3.3     Аctivity: review results, evaluation and preparation reports on work and results in the subject phase project 
3.4     Аctivities: design recommended for country and designers a politician and strategies construction activities 



PSI educational institutions in participating countries (SI: all 5 medium professional schools , HR: all 3 PSI schools , MK: 1 ( only ) secondary school professional school ) 
National: in addition participating 3 organizations which _ represent companies , more social partners and signatories collective contracts activities 

  • MK: MK: ORM + SGIP 

Professional chambers, which represent interests engineers / architects and implemented public powers ( lead directory engineers / architects , direct theirs lifelong education and training, etc.) 

  • SI: www.izs.si , www.zaps.si 
  • HR: www.hkig.hr , www.arhitekti-hka.hr , www.hkie.hr 
  • MK: www.komoraoai.mk 

Regional: similar organizations on area Balkans WB6 CIF www.wb6cif.eu 

European: FIEC, EBC.

Direct (primary):
· PSI educational institutions : principals , teachers , 
· companies in SI, HR, MK countries : employees , 
· legislator /NAVET organization : professional workers , authorities for professional standards , educational programs , national professional qualifications and their revisions.

Indirect (secondary):
· students, 
· investors, clients, designers, supervisors, suppliers, final customers/buyers, 
· stakeholders in construction activities and related activities

Contact person: Mihajlo Donev MSc
Project manager at the organizational unit for development, innovation, and knowledge
Phone: ++ 389 2 3244067
Fax: ++ 389 2 3244088
E-mail: Mihajlo@mchamber.mk
Contact Call center: + 389 2 15015