Groups Formed as Independent Forms, Outside Associations

⮞   Group for housing and managing residential and commercial properties

⮞   Group of sports betting

Groups within Associations

⮞   Group aggregates, concrete and asphalt

⮞   Group for fire protection and safety at work

⮞   Group for markets

⮞   Group for poultry

⮞   Group for producers of safety doors

⮞   Group for renewable energy sources

⮞   Group for the manufacture of cigarettes

⮞   Group for the manufacture, purchase and processing of milk

⮞   Group for the production and processing of plastics

⮞   Group for Weapons, Explosives and Dangerous Materials, Pyrotechnic Devices, Military and Civil Equipment

⮞   Group of bakery and mill industry

⮞   Group of canned foodindustry

⮞   Group of cemeteries and funeral services

⮞   Group of collectors of wild fruits

⮞   Group of confectionery industry

⮞   Group of Construction companies

⮞   Group of construction materials

⮞   Group of dry construction

⮞   Group of fishing companies

⮞   Group of Freight Forwarders

⮞   Group of lifts

⮞   Group of management consultants and training organizations

⮞   Group of Non-banking Financial Companies

⮞   Group of pork producers

⮞   Group of producers means for maintaining cleanliness in the household

⮞   Group of producers of alcoholic, soft drinks and water

⮞   Group of production

⮞   Group of providers of digital solutions

⮞   Group of real estate

⮞   Group of Spa

⮞   Group on Safety and Health at Work

⮞   Group producer of grapes and wine

⮞   Groups of producers and processors of meat

⮞   Insurance Companies Group

⮞   Private Health-care Institutions Group

⮞   Групација за водовод

⮞   Групација за лизинг

⮞   Групација на Водостопанските претпријатија

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Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, „Dimitrie Cupovski“ no.13, 1000 Skopje