Association of secondary raw materials and recyclers

Association of Secondary Raw Materials  and Recyclers  is a form of organization within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia of the economic entities involved with the circulation of the secondary raw materials, i.e. those that perform the activities of purchase, treatment, storage and transport of secondary waste, as well as representatives of industry capacities – recyclers of secondary raw materials.
  The Association counts 60 members, significant represents of activities related to the management and use of the secondary waste materials.
  The basic directions of activity of the Association are the successfully management with secondary waste based on the quality of legislation and rising of the activity level in accordance with its place in the overall economic trends. The importance of the secondary raw materials covers several aspects including: the need of industrial capacities whose development concepts are increasingly based on the use of secondary raw materials, aspects of environmental protection and economic and social aspects.
  On the constitutional session for President of the Association of Secondary Raw Materials and Recyclers is elected  Vlado Momirovski –Ekocentar 97 – Skopje, and  two Vice-Presidents  are: Mico Kulibanov –Makstil AD –Skopje and Vasil Gacevski –INOS –Skopje.
List of the members of the Association of  Secondary Raw Materials and Recyclers          
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