Healthcare Association

Healthcare Association within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia is founded on March 30th, 2011 and acts as a specific form of organization of interested domestic and foreign legal entities, members of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, which in their economic sector carry out activities in: production, imports, trade and use of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and medical equipment and perform health services in private healthcare facilities.
  Founders  of the Association are representatives of: manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, the largest drug distribution chains – wholesalers, representatives of the retail drug trade, manufacturers of herbal medicines, the segment of diagnostics and laboratories, and which is especially important – the private healthcare facilities which have the significant place in the healthcare system of the country. 
  Through dialogue between members of the association to develop a cooperation with the other economic, professional and social organizations, cooperation with central and local government, including debates over  the draft laws and by-laws , as well as cooperation with the customers and users of the services. The Association will monitor and assist in the economic segment of life of economic entities. In the realization of the determined goals and activities, the Association will accomplish a close cooperation with professional organizations, chambers of pharmacists and doctors aimed at achievement of objectives and interests of common interest, i.e. upgrading of healthcare services.  
  President of the Healthcare Association is Vladimir Indov from Alkaloid AD – Skopje, and two Vice-Presidents are: Elizabeta Milankovska from the Special Hospital Phillip II –Skopje and  Milenka Sharovic from Kemofarm – Skopje. 
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