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Basicinformation about the Macedonian Metals Association (MAM) in 2013

The production of basic metals and the metal-processing industrycomprise a significant entity for providing basic and raw materials and animportant, economically complementary and rounded technological branch.

Theshare of basic metals production (ferrous and nonferrous industry) in theindustrial production volume is 9.16%. The sector also employs around 9% of thepeople working in this field.

Thebasic metals production in the Republic of Macedonia is comprised of complextechnical and technological stems for production, modern equipment andtechnologies used by a number of world-famous producers, thus proving itssignificance of a strategic sector.

Theprivatization process led to a series of re-structuring activities, whichincluded foreign investments in the production of cold-rolled, hot-rolled andcoated sheets, ferroalloys, molds and pipes, steel reinforcements and othertypes of products.

Productioncapacity of installed plants:  hot-rolled sheets 520,000 tons,hot-rolled strips 800,000 tons, cold-rolled sheets 600,000 tons, galvanized andplasticized sheets 150,000 tons, welded pipes and molds 400,000 tons,ferrosilicon 80,000 tons, ferro- and siliconmanganese 180,000 tons, ferronickel14,000 tons, steel reinforcements 100,000 tons, different types of castings12,000 tons, light-rolled, galvanized and patented wire 7,000 tons.

In2013 compared to 2012 the volume of basic metals production went down by 10.5%.In 2013, the export of basic metals went over 810.7 million U.S. dollars. This sector’s share in the total export of the Republic ofMacedonia is approximately 19%.

Ferronickel,ferrosilicon, silicomanganese, hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated products –sheets, rolled wire, pipes, castings and molded products are the mostfrequently exported products. Over 80% ofthe production is exported to EU and US countries, and the remaining percentageto South East Europe, Taiwan and other countries.

Membersof MAM include manufacturers of metal products, machines, devices, companies inthe electrical industry – producers of transportation vehicles etc. The equipment and the technology used come from the EU and the USAand most of the products meet European quality standards.

The metal and electrical industry(production of metal products in metal-working phase, production of machinesand devices, production of transportation vehicles and production of electricalmachines and devices), for which the production of basic metals provides asolid base of raw materials, are an economically complementary and roundedtechnological whole in the national economy that plays an important role in thecountry's development.

The Metal-working and ElectricalManufacturing Industry Association within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia hasabout 120 members that employ 4,882 i.e. nearly 5,000 people.  

The primary metal productioncreated stable grounds for a more dynamic development of the metalworkingcomplex as its concurrent production structure. Moreover, products of the metaland electrical industry are durable consumer products with investmentsignificance or consumer goods.
This sector has a number ofcapacities for advanced processing of basic metals, namely:

-      special tool machines – robots

-       differenttypes of machines, tools and their parts,  

-       steelconstructions, bridges and their parts,  

-       processnon-standard equipment for energy facilities, metallurgy, chemical industry,food industry and other industries,

-       productsfor the building industry (steel framework networks, aluminum windows anddoors, protective doors, wire products)

-       devices thatuse solid fuels and burners

-       liquidpumps and spare parts for liquid pumps,

-       devicesfor households, hotels and restaurants,

-       medicalequipment and aids

-        energy equipment (different typesof transformers, energy cables, solar energy collectors, panels, benches,racks, contactors and relays),

-       telecommunicationsequipment,

-       different types ofboilers – galvanized, enameled, made from stainless steel   

-       spareparts for motor and railroad vehicles,  

-       transportequipment,  

-       starting leadbatteries,

-       machines and filteringdevices for purifying liquids and gases, electronics and parts used in theautomotive industry,  

-       buses and additionaldevices attached to business vehicles,

-       equipmentand spare parts for motor and railroad vehicles, other products.

The metal and electricalindustry’s GDP share at basic prices is 2.71% and at total number of employeesapproximately 4.6%.

These industries have a 10.88%share in the total volume of industrial production at the level of industry andmining. More specifically, the metalworking sector's share is 2.65%, themanufacturing of machines and devices 4.97%, manufacturing transport devices0.92% and manufacturing electrical machines and devices 2.34%.

Compared with 2012, 2013 has seen a drop in themetalworking sector production (41.6%) and motor vehicles, trailers andsemitrailers manufacture (52.7%). Increased production has been spotted in theproduction of machines and devices (25.0%), electrical equipment production(10.1%) and manufacture of different transport equipment (3.2%).

2013 saw export of approximately USD 631.1million, marking a 39.6% increase compared with 2012, when the total export ofthese sectors was USD 452 million. The metal andelectrical industry’s share in the total export of the Republic of Macedonia is14.79%.

Seenby sectors, the metalworking sector's share in the total export of the Republicof Macedonia is USD 30.8 million or 0.96%, the machine and equipmentmanufacture USD 298.8 million or 7% in the total export of RM, manufacture ofelectrical equipment, electronic and optic products' share is USD 212 millionor 4.97% and manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers and othertransport equipment with USD 79.0 million or 1.86% of the total export.

Throughout the same period, the metal andelectrical industry registered a total of USD 1,361.1 million worth of products(in 2012 the import was USD 1,206.4 million). These sectors account for 18.5%of the total import of Macedonia. These figures are due to the fact that eachimport of machines, equipment, electrical and energy devices and machines usedin any industry and in mining, as well as household appliances, all types ofvehicles, light vehicles, buses etc. is entered as an import made in one of thesesectors. Thesedata do not provide a realistic account as they show the sectors asimport-dependent.

In 2013, the following items had the largestshare in imports: gas and liquid filtration and purification machines anddevices, automotive electronics, boards, panels, benches and racks, motorvehicles and car body parts, steel constructions, lattice shape structures andspare parts for them, boilers, electrical conductors, cables, wire products,solid fuel burners and heating devices, batteries and cells, brake systems forrailway vehicles, pumps and spare parts, transformers, electrical currentprotective devices, different machines, printed circuit boards and otherproducts.   The products are mostly sold to EU countries,Central Europe, the U.S.A. and former Yugoslav republics.  






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