Redesigned website of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia
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Redesign our todays to design our tomorrows
Redesigned website of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia

Dear readers,

Today, we wish to promote the entirely redesigned website of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. Later in the text, I will briefly point out the major elements of the site, which also represent the load-bearing pillars of representation and advocacy of the interests of the Chamber members in hopes that we will achieve our goal with the redesign, that is, reach all companies that require our support and certainly, make the website simpler, more visible, and more responsive.
As you are well aware, the economic circumstances and the business ambience are constantly changing. New technologies are being used, innovations appear that radically alter the products, markets and the importance of the market players, the methods of communication and doing business are changing, new trends are being generated. These dynamic processes inevitably demand adaptation from the economic entities, including the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. Thereby, this does not merely demonstrate the need of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia to adapt as a response to the changes, but it also involves its strategic positioning and transformation into Chamber of the future. Therefore, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia adopted the document Strategic Development Guidelines of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, where we listed the key focus areas in terms of providing support and services to the companies. Considering the fact that the Strategic Development Guidelines of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia require reorganization, adaptation, introduction of novelties and constant upgrade of the capacity of the chamber of commerce system, as well as of the knowledge and skills of the personnel, I, being responsible for the complete redesign of the Chamber website, wish to inform you that the modifications to the appearance of the Chamber website represent part of our adaptation to the changes and certainly, aim to display the key information and services we have to offer and the capacity we have at disposal.
The main activities and the support the Chamber offers to its membership on the Chamber website are divided into 4 key sections, centrally placed on the website, with the aim of, as I mentioned, larger visibility and accessibility. These 4 sections/areas are intertwined and interconnected and are also linked to the remaining services in the portfolio of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. From today on, the main sections where you will have access to much useful information, interviews, analyses, opinions, facts etc. and which will be on the cover of our site will be the sections of our President and three other Chamber colleagues, experts in their areas. Namely:

1. Company networking from every aspect

Networking covers multiple activities that ensure internal networking of the members from every aspect within the Chamber, that is, between the companies inside the branch associations, associations, regional chambers and other shapes and forms of association and activity within the Chamber. We also have internal company networking through their participation in the development of new laws, rules, regulations etc. Moreover, company networking is conducted on the grounds of cooperation with relevant domestic institutions by signing agreements on cooperation/strategic partnership and many other forms of cooperation. The segment of company networking also includes regional and international networking from every aspect (I wish to point out here the regional association through the Chamber Investment Forum – CIF), such as organizing business meetings, events, forums, presentations, fair events and other forms of cooperation and association… The heading “Networking” will host the subheading “From the Companies”, which will contain company information obtained from the visits of our colleagues, from the activities of our member companies and everything related to them. Your guide through the “Networking” heading will be the President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, Branko Azeski.

2. Projects to increase company competitiveness

This segment of the Chamber website covers information and activities that the Economic Chamber of Macedonia offers to the companies in order to provide easier access to all information regarding programs and European Union regulations related to projects intended for companies, for co-financing technology development, innovations, employee capacity building and raising company competitiveness, as well as information regarding the open calls under the Horizon Europe program, IPA, from the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development etc. Moreover, this also includes novelties and strategies of the European Commission related to the development of company competitiveness and innovativeness; ongoing calls published by other benefactors – USAID, UNDP, GIZ, CEI; ongoing calls of the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development (FITR). We particularly show ongoing projects of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia here, which provide additional services or benefits in the interest of the companies from the individual sectors. Every program and regulation concerning project financing is elaborated. A special segment in this section is planned for the EU Club, which will contain information on the Macedonian export-oriented companies, which carry out certain projects and which are looking for project partners. All of this information will be displayed through various forms, applications, stances, interviews etc. and special attention will be devoted to the EU negotiation policy and the opening and the negotiations over the special chapters relevant to the business. The person responsible for this area from the Economic Chamber of Macedonia is our colleague Jadranka Arizankovska, long-standing Chamber project expert.

3. Customs, taxes and requirements for doing business

The posts in the “Taxes and Customs” segment are in reference to the current developments in the area of tax and customs policy and the related procedures, and the segment will provide an expert comment concerning certain topics related to taxes, tariffs, excises and contributions from compulsory social insurance. In the segment “Access to Finance” we will show information about current open calls for access to finance (support from state administration bodies and funds), as well as about company eligibility requirements for lines of credit from commercial banks. In order to obtain the necessary information for this heading, we will conclude Memorandums with several state institutions to receive timely information about open calls and to obtain relevant contacts from the appropriate institution that will be at disposal if companies require additional clarification. We will also provide a complete overview of the Business Regulations, that is, we will post up-to-date information regarding new and existing regulations supplemented with our comments and certain requests related thereof. Person responsible for customs, taxes and requirements for doing business is our colleague Aneta Dimovska, long-standing expert in the aforementioned areas.

4. Education – necessary investment in business

Economy and society must rely on knowledge and expertise, considering it is the only way to ensure growth of operational productivity and to increase production and product quality, long-term planning for business development and new investments. This area covers topics that will inform the companies and the business community about the current situation and reforms that will be undertaken in education, with a special focus on vocational education and training to provide motivated and quality educational personnel. Here we will share messages and stances with the companies promoting the idea that skill is crucial to the business in the 21st century and that the knowledge the individual possesses bears no significance, rather the ability to apply the knowledge in order to complete the job responsibilities. Moreover, we will advocate participation of committed companies in education and guarantee an opportunity to the students to develop vocational skills in practice. This would also encompass content and activities that include informal education, as well as the possibility for life-long learning, carried out through the Education Center of the Chamber and the educational events organized by the Managers Club of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. Furthermore, this section will contain regulations, latest publications and projects in the area of education. Person responsible for the educational segment is our colleague Natasha Janevska, expert specialized in dual education.

We thereby deem we will surely realize all activities we have planned for the membership and make the information we offer to them more visible and more accessible. With the promotion of the new website, we introduce a new heading that will promote success stories of micro-, small and medium-sized member companies of the Chamber that are less notable, but successful nevertheless. Successful because they foremost used support from an institution such as ours, which safeguards business and works in the interest of the businesses. Today, we promote below such successful example of a micro-company that used one of the Chamber services from the project area, the EEN service. This successful example is demonstrated through an interview conducted with Mr. Tomislav Ruškov, owner of the firm Organic Balkan from Veles, producer and trader of organic bee products. Read about his experience with one of our services.
Finally, to conclude, although there is much more to write about. In general, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia continues with its outlined program activities to promote and represent the business in the Republic of North Macedonia. As a Chamber that celebrates 100 years of chamber of commerce organization in our country in 2022, we carry on focused on the key strategic issues concerning the economic development in our country, such as support for the exporting activities of the Macedonian economy, activities to create better infrastructure and activities for new investments. All this would be accomplished through constant efforts to retain and develop quality workforce that corresponds to the requirements of the economy and by offering unstinting support to the membership in the fulfillment of their requirements. We demonstrated this through our work even in the past period of corona-crisis, which was very difficult for the Macedonian economy and for our country in general. Difficult foremost in terms of protecting the health and lives of the people and assuredly, preserving the liquidity and existence of the companies. Certainly, there is great uncertainty and we do not know how much longer the fight against the “unknown enemy” will last, but we will tirelessly push forward with our activities even in the forthcoming period. The Crisis Headquarters continues to operate 24/7 in this regard to support our membership, something that is visibly placed on the Chamber website.

Vis-à-vis the NATO membership and the EU membership aspirations of our country, we are interested in coordinating the activities between the business community and the economic policymakers regarding the negotiation process with the EU, and we will continue to carry out the initiated projects and start applying for new projects in cooperation with the international community, which aim to improve the individual segments of the economic ambience in the country. The Economic Chamber of Macedonia provides relevant information that is important to the operations of the members, we are enhancing the portfolio with new services with the aim to provide consultancy services to the specific requirements of our members and we will go on issuing documents for international trade operations. We will continue to provide services to companies regarding arbitration and mediation as alternative methods of resolution of economic disputes and as support for the judiciary in terms of lessening its burden.
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Jelisaveta Georgieva-Jovevska PhD
Vicepresident of the Chamber and Project Manager for Council Development