DAILY ADDRESS 06/04/2020
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DAILY ADDRESS 06/04/2020

Last week, we pointed out several companies that have shown their social responsibility and through various means, helped the wider community to handle these difficult moments more easily. Moreover, we sent an appeal to other companies to join and help within their possibilities.

What followed was truly extraordinary. Numerous companies answered the call of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. Here are few examples.

The company EVN Macedonia donated 200,000 euros to the Ministry of Health for procurement of medical equipment and materials required by the public healthcare system. Furthermore, EVN Macedonia donated the grid connection regarding the mobile hospital on the premises of the Clinical Center in Skopje. The materials and the performance of the waterproofing of the mobile hospital worth 15,000 euros was donated by the company Ading.

The company Okta donated medical equipment worth 50,000 euros, whereby procuring medical devices designated as necessary on the part of the Ministry of Health.

Lukoil Macedonia adopted a decision to award 15,000 liters of fuel to the Ministry of Health, the Public Health Center, the Public Health Institute and the Red Cross of Macedonia.

The company Semos edukacija, in coordination with the Ministry of Education commenced with free education of 1,200 teachers in primary and secondary schools across the country. This is an education carried out through webinar sessions, where the knowledge and experience of Semos edukacija in online teaching is being shared, with the aim of facilitating the resumption of classes for the teachers and providing as best as possible education to the children in these conditions.

The company Bimilk made an advance payment of the entire advance liabilities on profit tax in the amount of 15 million denars. Additionally, Bimilk donated financial assistance to the Clinical Hospital in Bitola regarding procurement of medical equipment, as well as products to help the most vulnerable groups of citizens in Bitola, an assistance distributed through the Red Cross.

The company Vitalia donated packages of healthy products and funds for procurement of protective equipment for the employees in the Infectious Diseases Clinic, as well as over 500 kg of healthy food meals intended for the vulnerable categories of citizens. Moreover, the company Vialia carried out an advance payment of the profit tax in the amount of 3.5 million denars.

The company Mocart Bet provided monetary donation in the amount of 50,000 euros, 15,000 of which are already donated to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje and 10,000 to the Kumanovo General Hospital.

The printing company Kiro Dandaro from Bitola provided monetary donation for the requirements of the Clinical Hospital in Bitola as regards procurement of protective and other type of equipment, in accordance with the specifications of the hospital.

The company Mi-Da Grand Motors introduced free service during the regular check-up of the vehicles of the Ford brand, for the benefit of every health worker, doctor and medical personnel.

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia greets all of these activities of the business sector. We call upon the other companies to join us and provide assistance to the wider community within their possibilities.


Chamber Informational department