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The Economic Chamber of Macedonia is the largest, most influential and most renowned business association in the country, a leader in the chamber of commerce system both here and in the region, and a recognizable house of business.

Following the trends in the European countries on the one hand, but also the needs and requirements of our companies on the other, we created services in terms of finding business partners, promotions, cooperation between domestic and foreign companies and creating chains of supply, utilization of EU funds, finding partners etc. This is made possible by virtue of the excellent logistics, connections, but also the contacts that the Economic Chamber of Macedonia has with the domestic and foreign institutions, which provide information, analyses, education and facilitate the process of finding partners.

Education and Human Resources Development Center

ü Organization of seminars, trainings, presentations, counseling and workshops with the aim of raising the awareness of the driving forces behind our country’s economy as regards professionally trained workforce;

ü Training professional and other workforce (mentors) to implement practical training at the employers, in cooperation with the Vocational Education and Training Center. The training is one of the requirements a company should meet in order to be verified by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and to take part in the process of practical work.

Center for Quality Promotion in Production and Services

Consultancy services regarding implementation of international standards such as:

- ISO 9001 standard, which introduces quality management systems;

- ISO 14001 standard, which introduces environmental management system;

- ISO 22000 standard, which introduces food safety management system;

- ISO 45001 standard, which introduces management system of occupational health and safety;

- HACCP system – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point;

- Halal – food permitted under the Islamic Law.

Permanent Court of Arbitration attached to the Economic Chamber of Macedonia

The Permanent Court of Arbitration is in charge of dispute resolution regarding rights the parties may freely dispose of and are not under any exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Republic of Macedonia proscribed by law, provided the parties agree on the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration.


According to the Law on Mediation, mediation is any type of arbitration, regardless of the term, concerning dispute resolution through a mediation procedure where the parties to the dispute are provided with an option to resolve it through negotiation, in a peaceful manner, with the assistance of one or multiple licensed mediations, with the aim of achieving mutually acceptable solution in the form of written agreement.

The principles and standards of mediation, which render it more attractive than other methods of alternative dispute resolution or the courts, play a major role in dispute resolution, especially in resolving economic disputes. The principles of mediation are the voluntary nature of mediation, equality of parties, impartiality and neutrality of the mediator, confidentiality, privacy i.e. exclusion of the public, no access to information about the mediation procedure, procedure efficiency i.e. inexpensiveness, efficiency and expediency, and fairness of the procedure. According to the Law on Mediation of the Republic of Macedonia (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” no. 188/13, 148/15, 192/15 and 55/16), mediation is especially employed in proprietary, family, labor, trade, consumer and insurance disputes, disputes in the area of education, environmental protection, disputes related to discrimination, as well as other disputes where mediation is suitable to the nature of the dispute and could assist in its resolution. The provisions of the Law on Mediation apply in criminal disputes, provided their application is not excluded with a special legislation.

Managers & Entrepreneurs Club

The Club is a modern network of growing small and medium-sized companies that offers an exclusive opportunity for networking, promotions, educational programs, skill development and other numerous advantages and activities that aim for attaining continuous growth and long-term support for the member companies of the Club.


With patronage, companies are being offered an exclusive package consisting of several types of services they can continuously use for a longer period, which provide the interested companies with access to the available personnel and technical infrastructure of the Chamber to develop their business. Depending on the number and the type of services the companies require, there are three types of patronage: silver, standard and premium.

Renting halls for meetings and business events

The Congress Center of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia is composed of five meeting halls with various capacities (from 10 to 180 visitors). The halls are equipped with presentation equipment (UHD LCD TV, laptop, projector screen, writing board) and every hall is equipped with wireless internet and air conditioning.

Hall branding

As part of the strategy for development and presentation of services, the companies have the opportunity to brand any of the halls in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia of their choice and for a specific period with their recognizable logo, message, name or product/service that is protected.

Renting technical equipment

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia possesses technical and presentation equipment intended for successful realization of business events, presentations, trainings, meetings etc.

Services concerning use of software with equipment for online events that entails televoting, hall and technical support

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia offers the best proofreading services for Macedonian language, providing:

- Basic proofreading – corrections according to the Orthography and the norms of the standard lexicon;

- Proofreading and language redaction – apart from basic proofreading, this service covers finding terminology solutions in consultation with the author;

- Proofreading with language redaction and stylization – apart from the aforementioned services, this covers provision of text fluency in accordance with the authentic style of the author (in consultation with him or her).

Translation and interpreting services from Macedonian to all foreign languages and vice versa, namely:

- Translation;

- Consecutive interpreting; and

- Simultaneous interpreting.

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia issues and verifies the following documents – Certificates of Origin as public authorizations pursuant to the Decision of the Management Board of the Chamber no. 08-3052/7

- Form A – Generalized Preference Certificate

- Certificate of Origin – certificate of the origin of the goods

ATA Carnet is a simple international customs document that is used to simplify the temporary admission of goods to a foreign country, with up to one-year validity, whereby the companies are able to carry their sample products abroad for a certain period of time, with the aim of presenting them to potential buyers or at fairs and exhibitions without paying customs duties or providing special guarantees.

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia issues the following certificates:

- Certificate of Free Sale;

- Producer Certificate;

- Certificate of Sole Producer;

- Exclusivity Certificates;

- Membership Certificates;

- Force Majeure Certificates.

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia performs verification of invoices, agreements and other documents (with the seal Certified in Chamber) at the request of the companies and issues the following opinions:

- Opinion concerning fulfillment of economic requirements;

- Opinion concerning appropriateness, that is, effects of the reduction and abolition of the import charges.

Excellent SME Certificate

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia, in cooperation with the renowned credit insurance agency Coface, issues Excellent SME Macedonia to the most successful micro-, small and medium-sized companies in Macedonia. The primary objective of the certificate complies with the EU Directives – to promote the small and medium-sized companies, to secure and ensure business and good business practices, and to increase market transparency.

Sale of Solvency Reports developed by Coface Croatia

The Solvency Report performs an inspection of potential business partners from over 150 countries across the world and represents an indicator for successful business, allowing for quick decision-making based on valuable information regarding the categorization of the buyers on the grounds of their credit and payment history.


Initiative, design and development, successful management of the received projects and of the projects that place great significance on management of resources required for the project assignments, monitoring and control thereof, until the final completion of the project.

Enterprise Europe Network is a network of business opportunities that aims to offer every form of business support to the small and medium-sized enterprises on their path to the European markets, as well as support for finding suitable business partners in Europe and beyond, by using the business cooperation base of Enterprise Europe Network;

Services related to the web portal of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia

· Leasing a banner on the web portal of the Chamber;

· Access to the Chamber’s web portal for Macedonian and foreign companies (access to supply/demand, issuing documents, import/export of the RM, legal regulation etc.)

Contact person: Elena Milevska Strbevska, PhD.
потпретседател на Стопанска комора на Северна Македонија
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