➢ From the president (15.03.2019)
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A huge gratitude is extended to the renowned economic magazine “Economy and Business” (Економија и Бизнис) that gave me the opportunity to express my stances and to share them with the public and with our members.

“Economy and Business”
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The rubric “Breaking News from the Industry” has a focal point and it enables me to represent the best economic companies, leaders and projects by demonstrating my own activities.
For me there are no dilemmas. The general impression is that in the past 30 years the Western Balkan countries did not achieve the expected progress. But now, we get a second chance, mostly because of the changes of the international circumstances. After entering NATO, there is not a room for postponement of the structural reforms. They have to be immediately performed. They must be urgently performed, decidedly, precisely and in accordance with the Western values and standards.
The best example for this is our successful companies and the examples where the Western Balkan companies cooperated, even when the political relations were at the lowest level. An example for that is the cooperation of our country with the Republic of Greece, the Republic of Kosovo with the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Serbia with the Republic with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One Region- One Economy
Hence, it is of utmost importance that the political elites understand the message of the business. They should lower their vanity, to increase the competitiveness and to talk with the language of the business. The worst indicator for the region and for its image is the corruption in which we have been continuously drowning for 30 years.

The CEFTA Agreement is put into question
The inconsistent implementation of the CEFTA Agreement and the situation of our borders is our biggest shame. These three evils must be conquered by raising the level of the living standard and of the gross domestic product. According to me, the issues regarding the census, decentralization, the election model, the “grey” economy, the control mechanisms of the government and the judiciary are the key to start solving the accumulated problems.
This must urgently stop
We have to make a consensus to solve these issues; otherwise the objectives of the Berlin Process for creating a Regional Economic Area (REA) will be missed. My efforts as a president of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and as vice-president of the Managing Board of CIF are conducted towards this direction. In that sense, in the past period we had a meeting of CIF in Podgorica where we opened a second office, then we had the visit of the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo and the celebration of the 97th anniversary of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia where the most successful companies that pave our road towards the Europe were gathered together.
One of the richest businessmen, Andrej Jovanovikj, general director of the holding company “MOI BRENDOVI” was a guest of the Chamber
Regular consultation both with the party on power and with the opposition
We can proudly say that the he daily visits paid by the companies of the industry and export so that they can use assets from the Government, is our doing. It was enriched with meetings with the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, with the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, the biggest opposition party, with which all current issues were reviewed.
After NATO, EU
P.S. This week the leadership of the Union of German Chambers of Commerce (DIKH), one of our most significant partners, paid a visit to the Chamber and we continue with them another very significant project. We also had the Ambassador of the European Union, Samuel Žbogar, as our guest with his collaborators with whom exchanged opinions about our activities to the critical moment of June, when we are to get a negotiation date with the EU. But, we do not stop here. We announce our attendance at the “Digital Summit” in Sarajevo, a visit to the office of the Chamber Investment Forum (CIF) in Trieste, as well as at the celebration of the Chamber of Republika Srpska. At the end we announce a big Conference on Arbitration and an address at the Regional “Rotary Conference” that is to be held in Skopje on April 5, 2019.
One of the key moments for the development of CIF, the president Azeski started an initiative for establishing joint institutions Arbitration and Credit Bureau (20.02.2019, Podgorica)
Another economic union for the development of Western Balkans