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Every year the environmental topics become more current for the citizens and they are more aware about their influence on their behavior and their habits regarding the environment, while in the past 5 years there is a significant movement when it comes to the citizens' behavior towards waste, particularly the packaging waste- stated Iko Brdarski and Ljupcho Avramovski, representatives of the Association of secondary raw materials and recyclers at the press conference held on August 4th, 2017. Just as an example, five years ago the waste collectors got about 10.000 tons waste per year, while in 2016 we had over 25.000 tons of waste collected from packaging in our systems that instead of being sent in the landfills, it was recycled. In cooperation with about 30 municipalities, over 1000 waste containers were installed and over 3000 other types of bins for primary packaging waste selection, and a lot of educational activities on recycling were performed all over the country, said Brdarski.


- According to the national aims, the Republic of Macedonia in 2020 should recycle 60% of the packaging waste, i.e. a total number of over 65.000 tons paper, plastic, glass, cans and wood per year. In the next 3 years we will face a huge challenge. Our estimation is that containers for primary selection should be installed to additional 2000-2500 places which means at least 6-7000 containers. This is a significant investment in the infrastructure that should be followed by proper campaigns for raising the public awareness of the citizens for waste selection, added Brdarski.

Brdarski also said that the waste collectors such as "Pakomak" and "Euro Ekopak" are organizations financed by the industry. Currently, about 1300 companies are members of some of the permanent collecting systems, that, unfortunately, is just 1/3 of the companies that are legally obliged to take care of the packaging waste of their products. In the countries where there is a solid packaging waste management system (Germany, Belgium) about 10 euros per year. The average in the region is about 2 euro per year. In our country that cost is below 0,5 euros per citizen per year or 120 denars per year for a four-member family!

Apart from the waste collectors, the local self-government units should also invest in this activity and to include items for procurement of utility equipment in their budgets and to be more actively included in the packaging waste management via cooperating with waste collectors that work with this type of waste, stated Ljupcho Avramovski in his address at the conference. He particularly paid attention to the issue of the legal obligation for review of the national aims when it comes to packaging waste, that should be done every three years, while in our country there has not been a review since 2011.

The waste collectors expect that within the twinning project of the EU dedicated to changes of the laws related to waste, proper legal solutions will be adopted and sustainable waste management will be achieved in the Republic of Macedonia, solutions that will provide stable financing of the management system, their control and efficiency.

Zorica Meshkova