With grand ceremony and the presence of over 1.200 distinguished guests the Economic Chamber of Macedonia celebrate its great jubilee – NINE DECADES POWERFUL VOICE OF THE ECONOMY
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With grand ceremony and the presence of over 1.200 distinguished guests the Economic Chamber of Macedonia celebrate its great jubilee – NINE DECADES POWERFUL VOICE OF THE ECONOMY

With grand ceremony in Skopje` Aleksandar Palace hotel and the presence of over 1.200 distinguished guests, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia celebrated its great jubilee – nine decades of its existence  ( on February 17th,2012). The ceremony, besides the members of the oldest and largest business community in the country, was attended by representatives of state bodies, institutions, diplomatic corps, representatives of international institutions, associations and partners, guests, friends and supporters of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and the chamber activity from home and abroad.  In the celebration of this significant jubilee in the country, participated Alessandro Barberis, President of the Association of the European Chambers (Eurochambres), as well as Deputy Prime Ministers of the Government of  Republic of Macedonia,  Vladimir Peshevski and Zoran Stavreski.

- For one state to have a healthy economy, it is necessary beside successful Government to have successful representatives of a business community. The Economic Chamber represents just that.  Successful representative of the business community, who always represented the actual needs of the companies and have significant impact on economic development and competitiveness of Macedonian companies – said Vladimir Peshevski, addressing the solemn gathering. – Proposals, initiatives and requests of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia are always treated with high seriousness and great respect; because we know that they are really the voice of the business community.

Deputy PM of Macedonian Government said that the close cooperation between the Government and the business sector as well as their fast reaction are the factors which are crucial  for amortization of negative consequences from economic crisis and have significant impact on the success in dealing with this bitter problem.

-We will remain strongly committed to improving the business climate, increasing of investments, exports and support the companies in order to secure business environment that will enable business to have rapid development and competitiveness in the global market. Just so we will succeed to increase the economic growth, to create new jobs and raise living standards – underlined Vladimir Peshevski. – Government of the Republic of Macedonia in future will continue actively to cooperate with the Economic Chamber of Macedonia because it is its significant partner.
 Alessandro Barberis said that as leading representatives of business Macedonian chambers have more than ever legitimate and important responsibilities to assist enterprises in their adjustment to changing conditions provided by the European integration process.  The Economic Chamber of Macedonia is part of the European – or even of world – network of chambers of commerce, because all have the same mission:  support to entrepreneurship and economic development in their region or country. By being a reliable center of knowledge and promotion of EU standards and policies said Barberis; the Economic Chamber of Macedonia is actively involved in the development process and policy in Macedonia.

- The business community must strengthen its role in approaching of Macedonia to the EU. The accession process is a long- standing project where the journey is as important as the final destination.  If the negotiations at the end are in the hands of political leaders, then our role as business leaders on this journey is essential – Barberis said. – It is important, that Macedonian business community should put its weight behind the necessary reforms which remain a major engine in the process of accession and thus contribute the European project for Macedonia to be a successful story.

Participants of the ceremony have the opportunity to see the presentation of the Permanent Court of Arbitration attached to the Economic Chamber of Macedonia that was created by the students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, and the using of money from the EU funds, that on jovial manner were presented by dramatic artist Sasko Kocev.

On the occasion of this great jubilee was granted the Award of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. Winners in the category of companies that successfully operate since the establishment of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia are>
: „Evropa “, „Pivara “, „Elektrani na Makedonija “and  „Blagoj Gjorev “. For long years of chamber activity –the winners are:  Svetozar Janevski, Dr Aleksandar Nikolovski, journalists Aelita Georgieva and Vlatko Zmejkovski. From forms of organization of the Chamber are awarded:  Banking Association, Macedonian Energy Association, Regional Chamber of Prilep and the Group for mill and bakery industry. The award for major donor activity went to Stopanska banka AD –Skopje, a company that attended most educational events – Alkaloid, and special recognition for company that supported construction and contribution to scholarship – encouraging staffs went to Beton from Stip. Award of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia for best partner of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia from state institutions is granted to the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia.

At the end of the big celebration, the President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia especially emphasized what he would like the country to have after ten years, on the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia:

-Average annual real growth of GDP of 6%, the value of GDP to reach € 13 billion, and per capita of € 6.000. Average annual growth of gross investments of 9% with a share in GDP of 35%. Average annual growth of export of 14% , and participation in GDP of 64%. New 100.000 jobs. The modern railroad to Greece and railway connection with Bulgaria and Albania. The modern highway to Gevgelija, Stip and Ohrid. The complete gasification of the country. With reduced energy dependence for at least 30% - said Branko Azeski.

For such a Macedonia we wish to see after 10 years we, Azeski stressed, as companies affiliated in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia are ready to increase: exports and production, investment risk level and corporate social responsibility.


In this way the Chamber proclaims publicly its will- together, with policy makers to participate actively in achieving of this goal that will bring prosperity to the Republic of Macedonia.