Current topics on the agenda for the session of the FIC Management Board
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Current topics on the agenda for the session of the FIC Management Board

On 8 June 2021, the Management Board of the Foreign Investors Council under the Economic Chamber of Macedonia held a regular session where they discussed several items on the agenda.

Eugen Osmochescu, Project Manager at the International Financial Organization, presented the key points of the latest project concerning the development of the production supply chains in the Western Balkans, which aims to promote the integration of the local companies in the intraregional and European supply chains. This is expected to be achieved through closer cooperation between the local suppliers and the foreign investors located in the region and in the Eurozone by using an integrated platform for connection, promotion of the business climate and of the regional regulatory framework, and facilitation of the access to finance through private and public sector initiatives.

This project is specially designed as sub-regional project that focuses on Serbia, North Macedonia, and Kosovo, and covers light industry production capacities (automotive industry, construction machinery and infrastructure equipment, as well as agricultural and transportation machinery).

The MB members were also familiarized with the implementation rate of the Education for Employment in North Macedonia project, which aims to stimulate employment by improving the vocational skills in this country.

This ten-year project supported by Switzerland is implemented in partnership between the Swiss non-governmental organization Helvetas, the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, and the Macedonian Civic Education Center. The project objective is to provide the citizens, especially young people, with quality vocational education and trainings, as well as to aid the development of vocational skills that will contribute to a greater employment rate in this country. Ivana Georgievska, Helvetas, pointed out the project priorities, emphasizing that practical training is one of the major preconditions for labor qualification and therefore, there is a need for greater engagement of the private sector in the formal and informal vocational education and training, with focus on practical training.

Later in the session, the members of the FIC Management Board discussed about the current conditions for doing business and investing in this country, as well as about adoption of new measures and recommendations for promotion of the business ambiance and facilitation of the operation of the foreign companies in this country.


Vlatko Stojanovski
Associate at the organizational unit for development, innovation, and knowledge