Working visit to Makprogres – Vinica with the future ambassadors of RN Macedonia to Kosovo and the Netherlands
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Working visit to Makprogres – Vinica with the future ambassadors of RN Macedonia to Kosovo and the Netherlands Click for more

Organized by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the future ambassadors of RN Macedonia to Kosovo and the Netherlands undertook a working visit to the company Makprogres – Vinica.

The host, Gligor Cvetanov, owner of Makprogres – Vinica and president of the Exporters’ Club of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, informed the ambassadors about the potential for cooperation between these markets and the Macedonian economy, about the methods embassies can use to assist and stimulate greater export, to set up new partnerships and to affirm Macedonian products in the markets of Kosovo and the Netherlands.  Cvetanov proposed using the embassies to support the organization of Days of Macedonian Food, and to connect domestic trade chains to the countries where we sell our products. It would be of great importance to Macedonian companies if an online presentation of the capacities and products of Macedonian firms were provided in these specific circumstances.

Aiming at presenting the Makprogres potential, Cvetanov organized a visit to the factory plants in order to directly familiarize the guests with the production capacity and working process that adheres to all European standards. Makprogres is exporting to more than 55 foreign markets, with 75% of its total production intended for export. It possesses 11 production lines with several product assortments. The company works for a renowned client according to predefined orders.

The General Manager of the company, Aleksandar Cvetanov, shared that opening new markets and strengthening the position in the present ones hold special importance to the Macedonian food industry, but the greatest challenge are the African and Asian countries where the food requirements are immense and there is room for exports.

Makprogres has 600 employees in Vinica and 130 in the Donia factory. The company takes an active part in the world-renowned food fairs Anuga and SIAL. However, due to COVID-19, it shifted the entire export promotion this year to online activities. To that end, earlier this summer we organized an online fair with our foreign partners instead of the traditional forms of communication such as fair presentations, explained Gligor Cvetanov.

Following the visit to the Makprogres plants, the future ambassadors to Kosovo and the Netherlands pointed out their interest in cooperation. Ambassadors have such power and position to assist the international networking of our firms with foreign partners, expressing reassurance that this form of cooperation through the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and in communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be in support of the domestic firms.






Daniela Mihajlovska Vasilevska
Manager at the organizational unit for member representation and networking