Supporting export of domestic companies during the COVID-19 crisis
➢ News (20.08.2020)
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Supporting export of domestic companies during the COVID-19 crisis

Considering the role of the business community as an engine of the domestic economy, members of the Exporters Club under the Economic Chamber of Macedonia held a work meeting with the director of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of N Macedonia, Arben Vila and his team, with the aim of defining priority activities to develop policies that increase exports according to company requirements, prompted by the recent health and economic crisis.

The Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion is currently preparing a draft-budget for 2021 concerning export promotion and support, which, following the approval of the Ministry of Finance, would be incorporated in the Annual Agenda and the financial plan of the Agency, in accordance with the proposals and requirements of the business sector for the upcoming calendar year.

The financial support measures for the export-oriented companies are defined in accordance with the Law on Financial Assistance for Investments, intended to support rise in market competitiveness of the domestic companies, to help in conquering new markets and in promotion of sales.

“Due to the coronavirus crisis, most of the planned exposition events by the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been cancelled, which introduces a need to repurpose the funds planned for the export activities of the domestic companies”, pointed out the president of the Exporters Club, Gligor Cvetanov. He added that in the upcoming period, companies would redirect their activities toward digitization and rise in competitiveness through online tools that promote and sell their products.

The attending companies mentioned that activities in the upcoming period need to focus on assisting the companies in the segment of digitization and implementation of advanced technologies, presentation at virtual fairs, development of online presentation and marketing strategies to promote the Macedonian companies and brands on the foreign markets, strategy to approach online markets via online sales and provision of further support to increase the competitiveness of the domestic companies.  




Sanja Nikolova M.A.
Associate at the organizational unit for member representation and networking