JOB POSTING for the position Executive Director of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia
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JOB POSTING for the position Executive Director of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia

Pursuant to Article 22 and 23 of the Law on Labor Relations (“Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia” no. 62/2005, 106/2008, 161/2008, 114/2009, 130/2009, 149/2009, 50/2010, 52/2010, 124/2010, 47/2011, 11/2012, 39/2012, 13/2013, 25/2013, 170/2013, 187/2013, 113/2014, 20/2015, 33/2015, 72/2015, 129/2015, 27/2016, 120/2018 and no. 110/2019) and in accordance with the Law on Chambers of Commerce, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia publishes a

JOB POSTING for the position Executive Director of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia


Job description of Executive Director:

- develops plans and strategies to meet short-term and long-term Chamber goals, including but not limited to promotion of existing and development of new services for the members;

- orientation toward attainment of the targeted financial plans of the Chamber for the purpose of maintaining financial stability and further growth and development of the Chamber as an autonomous, independent, non-profit organization that largely generates its income from membership fees, services and project activities;

- annual achievement of operating income in the amount of MKD 80 million at the least;

- review and control of financial plans and reports;

- represents the Chamber in proprietary and other legal relations;

- manages and organizes the work of the Professional Service of the Chamber;

- reaches decisions related to the labor relations of the employees in the Professional Service;

- reaches decisions related to the enforcement of the general legal acts of the Professional Service;

- organizes the preparation and the course of the sessions of the Assembly and the Management Board of the Chamber;

- in charge of all operations and business activities to achieve the desired results, in accordance with the strategies and the mission of the Chamber;

- motivates the promotion and maintenance of employee engagement;

- implementation and adherence to the legal regulations and the internal policies of the Chamber;

- building trust and professional relations with key partners;

- analysis of ongoing developments and maintaining competitive advantage of the Chamber in the business environment;

- other affairs in accordance with the general legal acts and the decisions of the Chamber bodies.


The candidate should meet the following requirements:

- higher education, with priority given to candidates with higher education in the area of business administration, strategic management, human resource management, law (master’s or doctoral degree would be considered an advantage);

- active proficiency in English language;

- participation in 3 or more projects, studies, researches, scientific or international activities;

- minimum work experience of 12 years (position in same or similar organizations and a managing position would be considered an advantage);

- excellent proficiency in MS Office software and well-developed computer skills;

- three or more published scientific or professional publications or scientific or professional papers in domestic or international editions;

- participation in researches, feasibility studies;

- ability to manage and control the operations and the obligations;

- excellent interpersonal skills and ability to establish efficient working environment;

- excellent communication (oral and written) and presentation skills;

- constructive approach to the work processes, strategies and goals;

- proactive, responsible, systemic and oriented toward achieving results;

- preparedness to perform duties outside the defined scope;

- ability to organize assignments according to priority and within short deadlines;

- person with integrity and loyalty to the organization.


The candidate should submit the following documents:

· Copy of a Diploma of completed VII/1 or higher qualification degree;

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Cover letter;

· Certificates and recommendations from previous job posts (copy);

· Certificate of proficiency in English language (copy).


The applicant retains the original documents and if requested, he or she shall submit them for inspection during the subsequent selection procedure.

Working time amounts to 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday, with potential flexibility concerning the start and finish of the daily and weekly working hours.

Salary of Executive Director amounts to a total of MKD 150,000.00 net.

The Executive Director has the right to a monetary reward – bonus that shall amount up to 30% of the monthly net salary, depending on the business results. The Executive Director has the right to a mid-range company car, at disposal 24 hours a day, as well as an opportunity for further education and additional insurance.

The Executive Director is appointed and relieved by the Management Board of the Chamber for a period of 5 years, with the possibility for dismissal before the aforementioned period, if the planned business results are not met.

Candidates that are interested and fulfill the aforementioned requirements can submit the necessary documentation in person or by post in an enclosed envelope designated as application for the position of Executive Director, to the address:

Economic Chamber of Macedonia
ul. Dimitrie Chupovski br. 13 – Skopje

or scanned, via email to, designated as application for the position of Executive Director.

Contact person: Ana Sterjovska, tel: 02/3244-037

Application deadline: 15/08/2020 by 14:00.

The procedure for selection and appointment shall be conducted within 45 days upon the application deadline.

Incomplete documentation and documentation submitted after the application deadline shall not be considered. All CVs received shall be subject to maximum confidentiality. Only a shortlist of applicants shall be called for an interview.

Chamber Informational department