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I am writing the first lines about the redesigned website of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia from Ohrid and therefore, all we Ohrid-folk first hear are stories about fishing nets. The smallest one is called “key” and they are usually used to steal fish because the entire operation lasts for a minute. The biggest is called “train”, which requires serious organization. There are many other types of nets out there, however, they all have the same purpose – to catch fish. Also, they share identical method – the net ought to have narrower grid than the size of the fish. Hence, the essence is a mirage – make the fish think that it can slip through the grid holes, but in fact, trap the fish in the net. Thereby, the cunning fishers secure their livelihood and provide for their families. 
I, being the most experienced person in the Chamber, was tasked to help you with something I know of the most, which is simply put – how to gain a new business partner, either a buyer of your products and services or a new supplier. 
My net is weaving for 40 years already, however, this is not a single net – these are thousands of nets with thousands of various grid holes. With its help, you should reach a new partner, a new market, new contacts and information. I am happy to be able to do that for you.
The Economic Chamber of Macedonia, being the oldest and largest business association ahead of its one-hundredth anniversary and ahead of the grave problems we are fraught with, is prepared to help you in the best of its ability. The focused goals depicted centrally on our website clearly state that the methodology of our work has changed radically. This implies that all of us should turn inwards and to our potentials because it its obvious that the Government always gives priority to matters that are not conducive to business development. We cannot wait for the political elites to grasp reality anymore, rather we should take action to utilize all our resources to the furthest extent. 
At this location, on our website, you will constantly receive latest information on our network and our opportunities, which are not little. This does not in any case mean you should sit on your hands and wait for information from our site, nor does it mean that our obligation ends with the publication of the information on the site. Our support for you is one of the activities to achieve the goal and your role is not to rely solely on us. For that reason, people in Ohrid do not fish with nets alone, they use baits, they use other tools as well, and this is a model we should proceed after. 
Since our task is precise and clear, Dr. Tatjana Šterjova will write about our opportunities and the nets in place. But, I wish to warn you that we should change several things. First, we said that this is only a part of the entire process. Second, the existing opportunities are enormous if we position ourselves strategically – this implies logistics and preparation for any type of meeting, not tourist excursions and a chance to visit the partner. Preparation will be the foundation of our new approach. The better the preparation – the better the results. Third, feel free to ask questions during the preparation, bring forward proposals and use our experience. Fourth, all must be archived to serve the companies that will come after us. It is bad that the Macedonian economy exports almost 80% to the EU markets. It is good that this provides conditions to spread the network and conquer new markets.
Therefore, the challenge lies ahead and it, along with our support in the segment of your requirements related to the customs, tax and workforce problematics are limitless. My recommendation is – open the redesigned website of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia at any available moment, click on one of the four main sections and I am certain that you will obtain the information you need. May we have good fortune with the new method of work, which should bring in larger turnover, larger profit and larger network for all of you.

P.S. Macedonian catches a goldfish and starts to annoy it with politics and the fish says to him - Just fry me for goodness’ sake. 



Branko Azeski
President of the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia