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The Management Board of the Foreign Investors Council held a working meeting today with the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski.

РАБОТНА СРЕДБА НА СОВЕТОТ НА СТРАНСКИ ИНВЕСТИТОРИ  СО ПРЕТСЕДАТЕЛОТ ПЕНДАРОВСКИAt the beginning, President Pendarovski was introduced to the priorities and goals of the Foreign Investors Council within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. As Peter Stefan, President of the Foreign Investors Council within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, pointed out, since its establishment, the Council aims to become an active partner in the creation of better business climate in this country and promotes the conditions for investing foreign capital in this country.

On this occasion, the President of the Council delivered the key messages to the head of state contained in the last edition of the Foreign Investors Council White Book, which focus on improving the business climate and creating better conditions for doing business in this country:

- Establishing certain, foreseeable and competitive environment, which are elements of key importance to all foreign investors;
- Creating business environment that will establish high degree of trust in the institutions of the system and in the same time, will contribute to further strengthening of the private sector;
- Timely implementation of the comprehensive agenda on structural and institutional reforms of the labor market and the education system;
- Strengthening the instruments for tackling the informal economy in order to allow for fair market competition at all levels;
- Creating unambiguous and applicable laws and other regulations, with the option of participation of the business sector in their preparation, deregulation where possible, as well as adopting laws through summary proceedings only as an exception, and not a rule;
- It is important to continue with the public administration reforms, aiming at improving the efficiency and coordination of their work, as an important premise for functional public service in the interest of the business;
- Certainty and permanence of the legal framework – the “game rules” of the market must be familiar and foreseeable to all market participants.

РАБОТНА СРЕДБА НА СОВЕТОТ НА СТРАНСКИ ИНВЕСТИТОРИ  СО ПРЕТСЕДАТЕЛОТ ПЕНДАРОВСКИBefore the discussion and the debate with the members of the Foreign Investors Council commenced, the President of the country, Stevo Pendarovski, expressed his gratitude for the organization of this meeting. He announced active communication with the Foreign Investors Council, with an opportunity for future meetings on a regular basis, as well as an active and coordinated action on regional and international plan. Pointing out that the economy is an absolute priority in the country, President Pendarovski, along with his economic team, left some room for further exchange of ideas, experiences, as well as real time communication with the business sector on the most significant open issues, in the context of indicating them to the competent institution in order to resolve them efficiently.

Speaking of the accession negotiations with the EU, where, as he said, we expect a date in the middle of the following month, the Head of State stressed that we cannot negotiate with Brussels without people from the trade associations.

- There is no area of society not related to the economy. The negotiation teams must contain people from the trade. Soon we will become a NATO member, which means that the perception of the country will suddenly change, the trust of the investors will increase because they will see us as a foreseeable destination for investment, pointed out Pendarovski.

Likewise, he expressed preparedness for further communication and coordination with the Foreign Investors Council regarding the involvement of personnel with economic qualifications in the missions and embassies in the country and abroad, as well as mutual exchange of information or participation of the businesspersons during the realization of bilateral visits of the President of the country abroad.

The members of the Management Board of the Council pointed out several essential messages to the President. Emphasis was put on the importance of prompt membership to the Euro-Atlantic integrations, which, with the democracy, rule of law and respect of human rights and freedoms, are a special guarantee of the stability and prosperity and provide good investment climate and development of the economy. The inefficient and slow administration is a great burden to the entire economy, while the education system in Macedonia should undergo crucial changes in order to provide high quality and expert personnel that will have the proper knowledge and skills required in the labor market, both for the foreign and domestic companies. The members of the Management Board of the Foreign Investors Council expressed a need for harmonization of the domestic legislative with the European Union law, especially in the area of tax and financial reporting, a need for greater coordination of the administrative services in consideration of providing efficient and quick services for the needs of the business sector, consistent implementation of regulations in practice by the competent institutions, in an equal manner, for all stakeholders, as well as preparedness for real joint contribution of the business toward the implementation of the rule of law, as a fundamental value of the social order and an important premise to the future negotiation process for membership in the great European family.


The participants at the meeting also discussed on the cooperation dynamics toward the realization of the projects of joint interest between the economic team of the President of the country and the Office of the Foreign Investors Council within the Chamber.

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