Dual education- benefit for the student, company, economy and society as a whole
➢ From the companies (04.04.2019)
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Dual education- benefit for the student, company, economy and society as a whole

The dynamic growth and development of the economy, technology and the global market imposes the need of skilled and high-quality workforce that will be adjusted to the challenges and needs of the labour market on one side, and flexibility and dynamism of the education that should respond to the relevant needs of the labour market in terms of qualified workforce, on the other. Therefore, when it comes to the educational system it is necessary for a functional approach to be urgently established while acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will be done through dual education. The dual education directs the focus towards greater cooperation with the employers and acquiring professional knowledge, practical skills and competences on behalf of the students should be transferred from the classroom to a new environment, i.e. at the workplace itself.

The student passes through the whole process in the company where he/she realizes the practical training, which is a possibility to understand the soul of the company and the mode of its functioning. It includes acquiring work experience for the student and an advantage in the employment process, and for the company it means acquiring a capable workforce. In this type of learning approach, i.e. the dual education model, the student conducts its practical work with the employer- in the company, which means preparation of curricula and programs according to the needs of the company. This is a typical example of public-private partnership.

We expect for the dual education to bring a lot of benefits, both for the student and for the company, but for the society as well and for the economy as a whole.

For the student this is a process of connecting his/her theoretical knowledge with the practical application at the workplace, acquiring experience at the workplace in real conditions and learning of experienced and skilled people. Learning in the company and getting to know the organizational culture, the student, apart from the professional skills, improves the soft skills such as self-confidence, communication, creativity, responsibility and entrepreneurial skills. We can say that via practical training in the company the student gets a possibility to elect the vocation and to invest in his/her future.

For the employers, the dual education offers a possibility to get skilled and professional workforce coming directly from the students who, in the course of their professional education they have been prepared to work with an employer. Seeing more extensively for the company, it is a huge benefit that the company has a choice for the future workforce and recruiting new employees with professional compensations, in which, at the beginning of the employment nothing should be investment.  At the same time, the cooperation between the schools and employers and the possibility for active participation in the realization of the educational process and strengthening the educational function of the companies are strengthened.

In this whole process it is important that the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and its members supported the dual education because they understood the need of the student to realize practical work with an employer as one of the possibilities for establishing balance between the need for high-quality workforce of the labour market and the skilled and easily employable people that enter in the educational system, which will contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate and will improve the state of the economy and of the industry.

Let us all together, all stakeholders, to work on changing the public awareness and to create an easily employable workforce necessary for the economy!

Aneta Trajkovska, MSc.
Director of Operations in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia