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The new Minister for Transport and Communications, Mr. Mile Janakieski, on the session of the Association of Civil Construction, Building Materials and Non-metal Industries, at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia

The new Minister for Transport and Communications, Mr. Mile Janakieski, on his third working day in the new government, participates on the session of the Association of Civil Construction, Building Materials and Non-metal Industries, at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

Although, at the beginning the members of the Association congratulate his election, further they didn't spare the new minister, and in front of him they "fire a burst" of all the dregs of problems which are weighted down this industrial branch. And not without reason, because as Mr. Branko Azeski, President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia notices, if the construction "strikes" it will pull also the other branches, as it has a great influence over the overall development of the country, and the new minister agrees with that conclusion.

- Many times we have discussed in the Chamber about the construction industry, and we brought conclusions for changing the situation, but there is no use of it, stresses Mr. Branko Azeski at the beginning of the discussion. - It is essential to change the legislative in this field and to start with the issuing of licences to the companies, in order to enable them to collect their debts from the state, local self-government and public companies.
Mr. Mile Janakieski emphasizes that he considers the Economic Chamber as a partner in building up of policies and therefore he attends this session, in order to hear the businessmen attitudes. He promises that as a minister he will help construction companies to execute construction works in the state and abroad, also he will engage himself in carrying out the reforms, and that he will be uncompromising and will support the implementation of the laws. In a word, he will support the construction industry development, and it will reduce the unemployment and will develop the economy as a whole.

- We will make efforts to overcome the problems in the construction industry as the most important economic branch, strongly complying with the tender conditions, and not tolerating the corruption, - stresses Janakieski and he also announce that in the Ministry of Transport and Communications there will be a special telephone line to report corruption cases, as well as special mail and telephone number for direct contact with the citizens.

Priorities in the future activities of the new minister for transport will be the revitalization of the road and railway traffic, respectively, the activities for the complete realization of Corridors 8 and 10. Also, he announces that at the end of September, the Government will appear with new Law on Building.

For Mr. Zoran Mitkovic from "ZAM Inzenering" the most important thing is the settling of the legislation and getting of licences, because they represent some kind of solvency of the companies. According to him there was economic and political corruptive operation in this field, which bring to that, for a decade and a half, almost 200.000 jobs to be "lost" in this field. He asks for settling the corruption, fair tender procedure, fast return of VAT, which lasted for months or even years. 
- A little attention is paid to the business community's attitudes, which are articulated through the Chamber. When the Law on Physical and City Planning, in the segment of project engineering, none of the few solutions offered by the Chamber were not adopted, explained picturesquely Mr. Dragan Bojadzievski, from "Makedonija proekt".

Mr. Stojanco Stojanov from BIM -Sveti Nikole requests decreasing of the of VAT for the apartments from 18 percent to 5 percent and proposes a solution to be found for the foreign investments realization in the country, the construction works to be executed by domestic companies and with materials of domestic origin.

- There are a lot of sub-laws, which are not brought yet, and all that generates the chaos in the construction industry. Now the black payment jobs are incentive and therefore we have a situation in the country, to have 8.000 companies and average of 3,7 workers employed - mentions Mr. Nikola Velkovski from "Inkom Inzenering". - It is necessary to pay greater attention o small and medium companies, and not to consider them as corruption behaviour nests.

According to Mr. Jugoslav Todorovski from "Granit" a huge problem for construction companies is to provide guarantees for participation on tenders. 

-"Granit" has claims from the state in amount of 900 million denars. Not only that it ties our hands in doing business, but also it's the reason to stuck  the chain of companies which   participate in the construction works. The state must pay their debts faster, but also to be behind domestic companies when the capital investments are considered.

Mr. Vanco Popovski from "Mavrovo" remarks that the state has no insight in its own debts on all levels, and it contributes the construction companies to be stuck even more. The old debts are not paid and the state further continues to make debts. Therefore, Krsto Smilkovski  from "Pelagonija" - Gostivar, proposes a solution to be found concerning mutual debts of the companies and the state, by compensation or by offsetting.

- Its very important to make a good team  that will issue licences for the construction companies. By providing licences a filter will be made and many things will be settled. Simply, it would be clear who is who in this field of activity, and what kind of work can carry out - stresses Mr. Zlate Janakievski, General Manager of "Beton". - Also, its very important that persons that are not corrupted and have knowledge in this field, should be nominated in the second rate state commission, which decides upon the complains related to tenders.

Mr. Milko Janevski from Gradezen Institut especially   stresses, that it is crucial to give support and help larger companies, which are in a desperate situation. Those companies, in fact, are in position to appear  on international market in serous competitive fight for work. Without large, small companies have no chance to develop and survive.

Encl.: Construction Industry data and proposals for surpassing the problems - Association of Civil Construction, Building Materials and Non-metal Industries, at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia