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The General Economic Council of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia is an expert body composed of the most prominent businesspersons (proprietors and managers) and experts who are long-standing active participants in the Chamber activities and who could contribute to the strategic action guidelines of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia in the upcoming period with their knowledge, experience and engagement in the Chamber activities. This body is established to provide consultative and advisory opinions and proposals toward the achievement of the goals and assignments of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, its bodies and the operation of the Macedonian economy, determined in the Law on Chambers of Commerce, the Statute and other legal acts.

Briefly, the General Economic Council has consultative and advisory function and shall review and determine opinions and guidelines concerning key issues related to the Chamber positioning in accordance with the requirements of the Macedonian economy.

Eligible for Council membership are experts with an academic doctoral degree, owners of capital and company managers with lasting experience and results in organizing and managing operations of trade companies and engagement in activities within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, whose function aims for promotion of a market economy, entrepreneurship and work competitiveness.

The General Economic Council is established as an expert body through a Decision of the Management Board of the Chamber on 30/06/2020. Expectations are that the activity of this body shall provide major benefits to the accomplishment of the mission and vision of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

Contact person: Chamber Informational department

Phone: ++ 389 2 3244000
Fax: ++ 389 2 3244088
Contact Call center: + 389 2 15015