Group aggregates, concrete and asphalt

Within the Association of Construction, Building Materials and Non-metals Industry, on 8.02.2012, a Group for aggregates, concretes and asphalts is established.

The purpose of the establishing of the Group is primarily, the more expressed need of organized activities and education of the participants in the production of the final products, i.e. concrete and asphalt, while respecting the provisions of the legislation on construction products, and the implementation of the adopted European standards in the construction and production of building materials in our country.

Mr. Nikola Krajcevski from Granit, Skopje is elected for president of the Group of aggregates, concretes and asphalts.


In the exploitation of aggregates are active more that 100-150 companies that have concessions for exploitation of more than 100 sites, around 100 companies are producing concrete and/or concrete products and around 10 companies  of asphalt.

Basic law that regulates issues of construction area is a “Law on construction products” (Published in the Official Gazette of RM No. 04/2015, 192/2015, 53/2016 and 120/2018).

In order to ensure proper implementation of the Law on construction products, preparation of sub-laws with inclusion and consultation with the business sector is needed.

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