Group for producers of safety doors

Group of manufacturers of safety doors is a form of organization and operation within the Metal Working and Electrical Engineering Industry Association, though which members decide independently and perform work in the field of manufacturing of various types of safety doors, as well as other interested legal entities whose activity is associated with this field, for efficient achievements of specific interests in this activity. 

The Group is comprised of around 20 small and medium legal entities, manufacturers of safety doors, such as FP doors, shelter doors, doors for noise protection, against smoke doors, X-ray doors and other types of doors, safes, etc.

Group has Managing Board of 7 members. 

President of the Managing Board of the Group is Mr. Marjan Jovevski from Zlatna raka-M –Skopje, and the Deputy President is Ms. Liljana Stojanovska from SEF –Skopje 





Group of manufacturers of security doors at the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia represents the interests of the manufacturers of security doors and its members are about 20 companies - small and medium manufacturers of security doors such as PP doors, sliding doors, protection doors from noise, anti-smoke, X-ray doors and other types of doors, crates and safes.

The formation of the Group arose from the need for joint resolution of current problems, proposing measures of common interest of the companies, giving opinions and proposals on legislation, cooperation with competent authorities, institutions and organizations, as well as acting on other issues of common interest.

The production of all types of protective doors annually is about 120 tons, ie 500 protective doors, most of which are placed on the domestic market and about 500 reinforced crates and safes.

The main problem faced by the manufacturers of security doors in the country is the unfair competition from the import of such products, for which there is no assurance of their quality and safety. Namely, in the country there is no authorized and accredited laboratory and bodies for conformity assessment (for marking of CE markings in accordance with the Law on Product Safety) in which the quality of the imported products would be checked.
The information in the Group is that this situation leads to the import of low quality security doors.

To overcome this situation, and given the unintended consequences that may cause protective doors of inadequate or low quality, the Group emphasizes the need to adopt legal regulations that will ensure enhanced quality control in their production and import.

The adoption and improvement of the legislation is in the interest of both the equipment manufacturers and the state itself: the manufacturers will be protected from unfair competition, while the interest of the state is to reduce the consequences of fires and other unintended consequences.

In the implementation of these initiatives, one of the most important activities of the Group will be the cooperation with the consumer organization through which consumers will be informed about the importance of the quality of security doors.



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