Group of dry construction

The dry construction system includes gypsum boards, partitions, monolithic ceilings, fire protection systems, acoustic solutions for sound insulation, protection systems against harmful radiation, etc. The advantages of the dry construction system are, above all, the advanced properties of building physics, i.e. sound and thermal insulation, fire resistance of the systems, mechanical stability, and others.

The dry construction systems with plaster boards takes significant place in the buildings that are being built in our country. They are an integral part of every modern residential facility, office, hotel, hospital, school or any other facility. They are embedded from the basement to the roof, from the floor to the ceiling, in the new buildings, as well as in the adaptation and rehabilitation of the existing buildings.

The Dry Construction Group was established on May 23, 2007, in order to organize the activities of the companies that produce and montage products for dry construction and encourage the adoption of regulations in this area, which are necessary for smooth operation of the companies, as well as for increasing the quality of design and installation of dry construction systems.

At the meeting held on 28.01.2014, the Management Board of the Dry Construction Group, the elections took place as follows:
- Ivan Slafoski, "Lim Ping" - Skopje, President;
- Kole Bitrovski, "Omega" - Skopje, Vice President;
- Dejan Stoyanov, "Gled Pol" - Kavadarci, member;
- Filip Spasovski, "Filip Prima" - Skopje, member;
- Zoran Sijakov, "Zoki Molerot" - Kavadarci, member;
- Blazhen Zotovski, "Knauf" - Skopje, member and
- Nikola Teokarov, "Niko Gips" - Tetovo, mem


The dry construction systems in our country have been more intensively applied since 1994, when Knauf began to develop and perform on the market by opening an Office in Skopje. Before that, the dry construction was not very present in the country, and also there wasn’t systematized regulation in the area nor educated installers.

One of the strategic goals of the Dry Construction Group is to encourage and prepare the necessary regulation in the field, develop Macedonian norms for work, to adopt Macedonian names for individual dry construction systems, as well as to define descriptive texts which will simplify the measurement of the performed work.

The Group aims to create conditions for raising the general values and reputation of this important construction area. It is therefore important as many companies as possible to take participation in the Group’s activities in order to contribute to more efficient work and faster achievement of the set goals.


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