Group of construction materials

Building Materials Group is constituted on 31.5.2005

Members of the Building materials Group are companies that produce the building materials, such as cement, plaster products, ceramic products (bricks and tiles), dry mortars, insulation materials, concrete products and products aimed at the construction of buildings.
For President of the Group was elected Mr. Stojance Stojanov, Manager of BIM – Sv. Nikole and Deputy President Mr. Zvonko Josifovski, Manager of Josing- Skopje



Building Materials Group

Building Materials Industry in our country is based on domestic raw materials such as plaster, marl, ceramic clays, lime and other non-metal minerals, as according to the research deposits of these non-mineral raw materials will be available in the next fifty to one hundred years. The import of primary raw materials for production is almost negligible by the majority of manufacturers of building materials.
Types of production
The production of plaster products has undergone major changes with the introduction of new modern production lines and manufacturing of different range of plaster products, allowing fast and easy construction. Plaster products are usually placed on domestic market, but also on foreign construction markets (Albania, Serbia and Bulgaria). 
The manufacturing of cement has continuous production    and utilization of installed capacities, which is adjusted according to the needs of construction market, both in Macedonia and in the Region.
The production of bricks, after years of stagnation, in the last few years has improvement in quality and range of bricks, which gradually, despite the closure of some facilities, increases its production and expands distribution. Placement is usually in our country, but also abroad, especially in Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, and Bulgaria and other countries.
Manufacturing of covering materials, by the introduction of new technological lines of tiles, there is a significant change in the quality, assortment and quantity of clay tile, which is distributed on domestic markets, as well as in the Region. Also, there are capacities for production of concrete tiles and other covering materials such as bitumen shingle and other plastic coated materials.
Manufacturing of prefabricated concrete materials to which should be paid more attention, for instance in their modernization and application in construction, particularly in the area of building construction. Regarding the manufacturing of concrete products (elements) for interior designing, there are varieties of products, from many manufacturers in the country.  Due to the local nature of the products and lower prices, they are not attractive for export, and on the other hand side these products are also manufactured in the neighboring countries.
However, the fact should not be ignored that prefabricated buildings development depends on the needs of construction market, which unfortunately in our country has more a downwards trend. In the area of reinforced concrete poles for overhead electricity power lines, reinforced concrete pipes with various diameters, as well as concrete sewage pipes, have reached high quality and range of products, and they are placed on domestic and foreign markets.  
Bitumen industry has a continuous development, following the advanced technical and technological achievements, thus producing a variety of materials for hydro insulation and great potentials are created, both in range and quantities. 
Manufacturing of dry mortars has higher growth by opening new plants. Production is placed on domestic market and also on foreign ones (Albania, Bulgaria and etc.).
Manufacturing of finished concrete in the recent years is more developed with the opening of new plants for producing of finished concrete, equipped with appropriate machinery for delivery of this product directly to the contractors.
Manufacturing of construction additives is also based on domestic resources, with a great assortment of products that are used for concreting at low temperatures, fire protection, etc.


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