Group for the production and processing of plastics

Group for plastic production and processing is a form of organization of the companies which are dealing with production and processing of plastics, due to efficient accomplishing of specific interests in this activity.
Members of this Group are companies from the following sectors: production of plastics in primary forms, production of plates, sheets, tubes and profiles of plastics, production of plastic packaging and plastic items for installation. 
Over 30 companies of the abovementioned sectors are members of the Group. Members of the Group are the numerous one within the Chemical Industry Association.
 President of the Group is Mr. Mirko Jakimovski, Manager of “FELIKS” –Kumanovo.

Contact address:
Economic Chamber of Macedonia
Dimitrie Cupovski 13
1000 Skopje

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Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, „Dimitrie Cupovski“ no.13, 1000 Skopje