Group of real estate

The Real Estate Agencies Group, as a special form of organization and operation within the Association of civil construction, building materials and non-metals industries, was established on 21.09.2006.

The Group represents the interests of the companies – members of the Association that perform activities and offer services related to real estate transactions, including property management, assessment of property, consulting, etc.

The initiative for establishing this Group emerged from the real estate agencies’ need of joint commitment in the direction towards overcoming certain problems in their field of operations. The companies make efforts to regulate the real estate market by adopting separate legal legislative in the sector, to regulate the real estate transactions and raise the real estate agent profession on a higher professional level.

President of the Management Board of the Real Estate Agencies Group is Liljana Kovacheva from Dom Design, Skopje.


Real estate agencies appeared on the market in the last ten -fifteen years and currently operate under the existing laws, slowly working on their status, and in providing correct services to their clients.

Nourishing and expanding of business relations of the agencies, not only in the country, but also expanding regionally and on European level, representing the imperative of every businessman, so in the following period are expected to work together, especially with our commitments Macedonia to become a member of the European Union, where we can use the experience and knowledge in the field of real estate.

Contact person: Nena Nikolovska M.A.
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Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, „Dimitrie Cupovski“ no.13, 1000 Skopje