Regional Chamber in Kavadarci

The regional chamber in Kavadarci organizes the members of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia in the following municipalities: Kavadarci, Negotino, Demir Kapija and Rosoman.

Great number of the services offered by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia is now available to the companies from these municipalities.

The Regional chamber in Kavadarci is responsible for the following activities:
organizing and preparing different kinds of trainings (seminars, workshops, etc.) for the needs of the members of the Chamber and other interested stakeholders;
informing the members and other companies about the trainings that are to be held and organized by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia;
following the current situation of the operation and needs of the members of the Chamber and other entities in order to propose trainings on up to date topics;
preparing information, analysis, proposals of acts and other documents that are of benefit to the industry in the region for which the Regional chamber is responsible;
following the current industrial movements and the business conditions, processing data and proposing measures for improving the business conditions for the respective region;
giving proposals for initiatives for adoption or amendment of the legal and other regulations that are of interest of the industry in the region;
maintaining regular contacts with the companies from the region, particularly in the function of giving proper professional and other kind of assistance;
 organizing or mediating the establishment of contacts between the members of the Chamber.

Mr. Mitko Janchev, MSc., “Kozuvcanka export-import”- Kavadarci is the President of the Regional chamber seated in Kavadarci.

Contact person: Tanja Miceva
Phone: ++ 389 43 415044
Fax: ++ 389 43 415044
Contact Call center: + 389 2 15015

Regional Chamber in Kavadarci, Ilindenska 11, Kavadarci