Regional Chamber in Stip

Regional Chamber in Shtip:

Information about the Regional Chamber in Shtip:
With the decentralization of the chamber activities in order to provide more efficient and faster services for the companies from different regions in the Republic of Macedonia, the Regional office in Shtip was established.
Naum Barzov from “Bargala”- Shtip is the President of the Regional Chamber in Shtip.
A great number of the services offered by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia are now available to the companies from this region. The Regional Chamber in Shtip is responsible for the following activities:

- issuing Certificate of Origin  and Certificate for preferential treatment Form A;
- realizing and preparation of different forms of trainings (seminars, workshops, etc.) for the needs of the members of the Chamber and other interested entities;
  - informing the members and other companies for the trainings that are to be held and that are organized by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia;
 - following the current situation regarding the operation and the needs of the members of the Chamber and other entities with the aim to propose trainings on current topics;
- cooperating with the Municipality of Shtip for the realization of the activities pursuant to the goals of the Regional Info-station Project for support of the business in the municipality of Shtip to strengthen small and medium enterprises in accordance with the aims of the project;
- preparation of information, proposals and acts, and other documents beneficial from the industry from the region  for which the Regional chamber is formed;
- following the current business trends and business conditions, data processing and proposing measures for improvement of the business conditions in the region;
- giving proposals for instigating initiatives for adoption or amendment to the legal and other regulations the industry from the region will benefit from;
 - having regular contacts with the companies from the region, particularly when it comes to providing professional and other types of assistance;
- organizing or intermediating the process of establishing contacts among the members of the Chamber.

Contact person: Monika Jovanova
Phone: ++ 389 32 300282, M: 070 392 997
Fax: ++ 389 32 300282
Contact Call center: + 389 2 15015

Regional Chamber in Stip, "Vanco Prke" 119, 2000 Shtip