Regional Chamber in Prilep

The Regional Chamber Prilep is one of the sixteen regional chambers that works within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. It was founded in 1996 and is a successor of the Territorial Board of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, established in 1992 for this region.

The Regional Chamber Prilep is a form of territorial organization and work within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and its functioning provides decentralization of the Chamber’s tasks and activities and individual decision-making process of the members of the Chamber regarding the works and tasks that are of particular importance for the region encompassing the following municipalities: Prilep, Krushevo, Dolneni and Krivogashtani. The main objectives and tasks of the Regional Chamber are:

- elaboration on issues related to the promotion of the production, turnover and economic services and on the current problems of the economy for the region for which it has been organized;
- realization of the decentralization of the Chamber tasks and activities within the region;
- elaboration on proposals and initiation of adoption of acts by the competent organs of the Chamber;
- elaboration on issues and initiation of proposals for the development of entrepreneurship in the region;
- active contribution to the determination of the developmental and structural priorities of the region, particularly in making concepts of the stances and proposals for the business and its relation to the space, environment, development of business infrastructure (local roads, energy, utilities, transportation, ect.);
- that are in the interest of the economy in the region for which it was organized or for the economy of the whole country;
- provision of business, professional and other services in the field of infrastructure that are in the interest of the economy in the region;
- initiation and establishment of cooperation of joint interest with the members of the Chamber from the neighboring regions or with regional chambers of commerce from other countries in accordance with the program activities and the general acts;
- harmonization of the registered discrepancies and different interests between the members of the Chamber in the region;
- performance of other tasks in the interest of the members within the competences of the Chamber.


Contact address:  
Economic Chamber of Macedonia, Section Office Prilep
bul.Goce Delcev 47-a  

 Contact person: Goran Poposki
 Ph: (048) 415 536 Fax:(048) 415 536 Call Center: (02) 15015 

Contact person: Goran Poposki
Phone: ++ 389 48 415536, M. 070 607 962
Fax: ++ 389 48 415536
Contact Call center: + 389 2 15015

Regional Chamber in Prilep, bul. "Goce Delcev" 47-a, 4700 Prilep