Chemical Industry Association

Chemical Industry Association

The Chemical Industry Association comprises the economic entities from the base chemical industry, production of industrial gasses, production of pharmaceutical products, production of cosmetics and household chemicals, production and manufacturing of plastics and rubber.
There are approximately 60 economic entities, members of the Chemical Industry Association within the Chamber, which are important representatives of this industry in all aforementioned activities.
In order to address the specific interests of the members, two groups have been established as special forms of operation in the scope of the Chemical Industry Association:
• Group of Plastics Production and Manufacturing
• Group of Producers of Hygiene Products
The Chemical Industry Association elected Aleksandar Chadikovski, TGS Tehnichki gasovi AD – Skopje, as President of the Association with a five-year term of office, and Zoran Kostovski, Alkaloid AD – Skopje, as Deputy President, at a session held on 30/01/2020.

Contact address:
Economic Chamber of Macedonia
Dimitrie Cupovski Str. 13
1000 Skopje

Contact person :

Ljupka I. Samardziska

Phone: +389 2 3244018

Fax: +389 2 3244088
Call Center: (02) 15015



●   Aleksandar Cadikovski PresidentTGS TEHNICKI GASOVI, Skopje
●   Blagoj Doncev  ADING, Skopje
●   Zoran Kostovski  Vice-PresidentALKALOID, Skopje
●   Aco Andrevski ANDROS FARM, Ohrid
●   Ivan Tudzarov REPLEKFARM, Skopje
●   Petar Vasilevski LAMINATI KOM, Prilep
●   Zoran Bekarovski MESER VARDAR TEHNOGAS, Skopje

Contact person: Saso Despotoski
Phone: ++ 389 2 3244089
Fax: ++ 389 2 3244088
Contact Call center: + 389 2 15015

Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, „Dimitrie Cupovski“ no.13, 1000 Skopje