Trade Association

Trade Association is a professional form of organizing and operating within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, through which members of the Chamber of trade sector, decide independently and perform tasks of interest to the appropriate activity.
Association unites and articulates the interests of the legal entities whose main activity is wholesale or retail trade.
Members of the Association have the opportunity according to their needs and interests to establish a permanent organizational forms through which will identify, define and sublimate specific interests.
The main goals and objectives of this Association are primarily:

  • Examining issues related to improving the operation and solving the current problems in the sector, performing economic propaganda and organizing fairs, and business delegations that are of specific interest to the members of the Association;
  • Harmonization of arising controversies and different interests within the their sector, having into account the interests of the economy as a whole;
  • Adoption of conclusions and proposing of measures of common interest to the members, which are not contrary to the legal regulations and good business practices;
  • Reviewing draft laws and other regulations, providing opinions and proposals on issues of common interest to the members and initiates adoption of amendments thereof;
  • Initiating and achieving cooperation on issues of common interest to the members of other associations within the Chamber and international cooperation in accordance with program activities and general acts of the Chamber;
  • Improving the business climate in the country by encouraging the implementation of European rules and standards and permanent functional education and updating of knowledge of experts from the sector;
  • Promotes Chamber as compulsory, neutral place of business consulting on all issues of interest to the economy;
  • Building a stable and profound partnership with relevant state bodies and institutions, especially with the Ministry of Economy and competent inspection authorities, aimed at creation of solid climate and fair competitive basis.

Collaboration and partnership with relevant state bodies and institutions is of particular importance, whose benefit would be in the ability to proactively prevention the adoption and implementation of laws and bylaws in combating the gray economy and unfair competition in the market, etc. This collaboration results in increased efficiency, good economic climate, continuous quality growth and economic prosperity.
Benefits of partnership should be shared.

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●   Hariton Gadzovski President-, -
●   Rumen Smilevski  Vice-PresidentMALINA 99, Veles
●   - AGROTEHNA DTGM, Skopje
●   - REPTIL, Skopje
●   Asmir Jahoski PUCKO-PETROL, Makedonski Brod
●   D-r Gjorgi Nacka AVICENA, Skopje
●   Dushan Tudzarov REPLEK DMS, Skopje
●   Elizabeta Icevska VEROPULOS, Skopje
●   Jovica Peshik AGROKUMANOVO, Kumanovo
●   Ljupco Velickovski MZT KOMERC NOVA, Skopje
●   Mladen Damev SKOPSKI PAZAR, Skopje
●   Spase Jakimov TURTEL, SHtip
●   Tawa Kamceva Lazarevik KAM DOO, Skopje

Contact person: Vasko Ristovski
Phone: ++ 389 2 3244014
Fax: ++ 389 2 3244088
Contact Call center: + 389 2 15015

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