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Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia

Adult Education is part of the educational system that provides improvement, training, acquiring additional qualifications or retraining programs and thus suited for adults. System for Adult Education is accredited, publicly recognized certification system of the Republic of Macedonia which receive nationally recognized certificates that prove received professional competencies of a particular area. All programs consist of theoretical and practical part. Lectures are followed in specially equipped rooms in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia in Skopje, and the practice of participants in the programs held in reputable companies depending on the profession. After completing the training, participants take a final exam which acquire a Certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Macedonia.

Programs that you can follow:

Chef in restaurant
Gipser - fitter
Facade makers
Argon welder
Kellner - gourmet

Additional information:
      • The training lasts about three months, from Monday to Friday;
      • Lectures and practice take place in agreement with the participants;
      • Work in groups of 8 to a maximum of 14 participants.

 LLP offers training for those occupations that are deficient and that there is a demand in the job market. The opportunity to gain new skills or simply to confirm already gained experience with an accredited certificate is a way for a huge number of people to solve the problem of unemployment.

Chamber of Commerce together with the most renowned companies in Macedonia is where unemployed people will be able to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge necessary qualification.

Contact person: Boris Trimcev
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